About Andre Mezalira

Andre Mezalira, a 27-year-old successful entrepreneur, owner of Wings Mobile Detailing shares a step-by-step blueprint on how to start a Mobile Service Company as a self-owned business.

Andre Mezalira started the journey of entrepreneurship at an early age. Then upon arriving in the USA and after high school, Andre started an Auto Detailing business from scratch, creating a brand that stands out in its industry and across multiple states.

Now, Andre manages a self-owned fleet of vehicles and employees from his office.

“Entrepreneurship was always in me, but I wasn’t sure which business I wanted to start. All I knew it’s that I wanted a business where I would be able to manage a fleet of vehicles from an office.  It’s not the passion for cars that made me start Wings, but it was rather the passion for the business itself. Only then I started to learn how to detail cars That’s just the technical part of the business. I knew that Mobile Businesses have higher potential as people look for convenience. Low overhead, no ridiculous expense, no need for a ridiculous amount of money up-front, and MOST IMPORTANTLY, people will always want convenience. What is better than a mobile service done at their doorstep? – Mobile business was perfect for me, then I just had to decide which industry. I picked detailing.” Says Andre Mezalira

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